Am I hyper-realist tattooer?

I believe in attention to detail, which don’t always has to show as multiple elements. To me hyperdetailed tattooing mean: understanding texture, clean designing, technique, diversity in contrast, and shapes. I’ve heard myself being called a hyper-realist. Is it true? I prefer to call that I love balance and detail. Sharp edged lace design against a beautiful, super smooth rose. Furry wolf against almost flat sky, small petals of flower and a massive sized hand, where every detail is clearly visible.

Handling detail definitely became part of my style. One of my all time favorite techniques is shading with pure black. Most realists use different mixtures of diluted ink. It’s an essential approach, but on top of that I vary needle depth (up to fractions of mm) and hand movement, using pure black. That allows me to create very complex textures on the hard to believe level of complexity.

Like in nature, every good design has to have a good contrast. Light to black, but also flat, no texture elements to heavy textural parts.

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