Tattoo style

Realism Tattoo

Realism has influenced my tattoo style the most. Click here for more works.

Full Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeves are usually first bigger size tattoo anyone considers. Around 80-90% of my work are tattoo sleeves at some stage of execution. See more here.

Hyper Detailed

I believe in attention to detail. Proper contrast, but also the ability to create smooth shadings always differentiate my pieces on the street. See more here.

What customers say?

It was a great day with you. I’m more than happy with my tattoo, especially because it wasn’t easy to cover up my old tattoo. Michael is not just a tattoo artist but a professional artist who takes a lot of time. Added to this is his absolutely clean work, as well as his well-kept business. It’s worth the trip and I’ll definitely come back. I can only recommend Michael to anyone who appreciates clean and perfect work.

★★★★★ Brigit

Very professional and clean studio and the work is done properly. The advice was very competent and everyone there is super nice. Michal is a very likeable and cheerful person. I am more than satisfied.

★★★★★ Anna

In my imagination my tattoo already looked good, but the implementation by Malan far exceeded it! Here we engrave with passion down to the smallest detail. As a medical professional, I can say that the hygiene is exemplary and the high level of customer friendliness completes the picture perfectly. I got my first tattoo from Malan in 2015 and have been a regular customer ever since. His tattoos are high quality, he works professionally and the prices are fair. I can absolutely recommend the studio!

★★★★★ Janna

There are few tattoo artists who do such detail, absolutely clean work. If a tattoo, then by this artist….simply incredible…

★★★★★ Antonio

Simply the best! Would never go anywhere else…

★★★★★ Sylvia

Simply the best.

★★★★★ Steffi


I’ve always been an early adopter of modern, artistic techniques in design. 3d, digital painting, AI, meets traditional drawing skills. Every tattoo is different, as your story.


Skin is a special medium. Honesty is a must. The world has changed, we have more tools than ever. But some properties of the skin never change. If I take the work – that means I believe in it, and it will look great. There is no other option.


It always amazes me, that still there are places that aren’t taking safety seriously! With me, everything that comes in contact with you is either disposable, sterile, or covered. Our safety is the first, and the most important condition.


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