Starting with a Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeves are usually first bigger size tattoo anyone considers. From an artist point of view sleeve tattoos are special. Using natural body flow, ability to think dimensionally, yet plan gradual process, these are essential skills in this tattoo type. And maybe because I enjoy using those ideas in my design, or by other strengths, but I became “man of choice” for many tattoo sleeve owners.

I love working with big demanding projects. Tricky to prepare, when appropriately designed they will look fantastic, and it is not uncommon for customers to come back often just to say how happy they are, and how often they hear compliments from their friend, and even others stopping them on the street.

Around 80-90% of my work are tattoo sleeves at some stage of execution. Even though it is possible to finish a full sleeve in a month time, most customers enjoy building it without pressure, taking 1-2 months in between sessions. In my style, it takes me 3 to 7 sessions to finish a sleeve.

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